Elderflower gin soda

Sweden is absolutely spectacular this time of the year; lilacs and elderflowers are in full bloom and every corner suddenly wakes up to flashes of color with pink and purple rhododendrons and lupines emerging. Elderflowers are the rather unnoticed ones, gorgeous, small white flowers and the fragrance wafts through the air deliciously. The fragrance is unique, it’s sweet and floral but also has a splendid freshness to it. The elderflower syrup in this recipe can be enjoyed with plain water or in our case with this handcrafted gin distilled with botanicals handpicked locally on the island of Gotland hellstromgin.com

Ingredients Elderflower syrup

  • 500g Sugar
  • 500g Water
  • 10g Citric acid
  • Elderflowers


Heat sugar, water and citric acid until it boils. Turn off heat and add a hefty bunch of elderflowers (I had maybe 10-15 small bunches) and set aside to cool down. Keep in the fridge until next day and strain of the flowers. The drink can simply be made by mixing a small amount syrup (or as much as you prefer but this is a concentrated syrup), gin and soda water.