Ghee or Clarified Butter

We tried searching for ghee in the stores here in Sweden but the only kind we found was no where near the the real ghee I have had in my childhood. South Asian grocery stores in USA have some good ghee, and I am told that Malmö and other large cities have grocery stores that might carry ghee, but the travel isn’t easy and we have been in a ‘do it yourself’ mode, so here it is- our version of ghee! Also, this is for our friend Peter, from Hungary, who loves ghee.


Two 500 g blocks of salted or unsalted butter


In a large pan put the two blocks of butter and melt in low heat. As the butter melts, continue to a boil when things start foaming up a lot in the pan. This should take some good amount of time (make sure it doesn’t burn). The trick is to make sure to remove the pan from heat when you see the protein from the butter turning brown. Don’t let it turn too dark brown. Remove from heat and let the browned protein settle at the bottom. Pour the lovely caramel smelling ghee in a jar. This can be used as garnish in dal, Biryani, over toasts or as my Swedish partner in crime states, just eat a spoonful!

PS: I don’t waste the solids left at the bottom; my childhood memory consists of sitting in the kitchen and eating it with a spoon. I love the taste of the remnants left in the pan. Try it!

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