Syren or Lilac Juice

Sweden is gorgeous in spring. Birds are chirping and the sun is dazzling through the day. I recently spotted a rush of lilacs near where I live. We went and picked some. Never knew Lilac juice is so refreshing and wonderful for a warm spring/summer day. So here is the recipe–


  • Fresh lilacs, pick as many as you can.
  • Water– 3 cups
  • Sugar– 3 cup
  • Citric acid– 0.5oz
  • 2 Lemons


Clean flowers off the stem, wash and rinse. In a large vessel, boil the water, sugar and citric acid together for everything to be dissolved and mixed well. Put the washed flowers in the hot water mixture with round lemon gashes in it. Keep covered and when cool, transfer to refrigerator. Next morning, filter the lemon and flowers and you will have a lovely lavender pink juice concentrate of the lilacs. Put a tiny amount in a cold glass of water and enjoy!